Four Benefits Of Using A Benchtop NMR Spectrometer

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Drug discovery is a multi-billion dollar industry and chemists play an integral role in many points on the drug discovery roadmap. In the midst of that discovery, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is one of the top analytical methods, and one of the most useful, in modern chemistry.

Throughout it’s history, NMR has been an important method of analysis for chemists. Felix Bloch and Edward Mills Purcell first demonstrated NMR in 1946. They shared the Nobel Prize for their work in 1952. Richard Ernst first demonstrated Fourier transform nuclear magnetic resonance (FT NMR) in 1966. His procedure quickly replaced prior scanning techniques.

In the 1950s, the first commercial spectrometers were created and quickly became a key tool for research chemists. Over time, the benchtop NMR spectrometer became a tool of choice.

You might be wondering, what on Earth is NMR spectroscopy? Simply put, it’s used for elucidating (meaning to make clear or clarify) molecular structure by providi

Using an HR Executive Search Firm to Fill Job Openings

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A company’s most valuable resources may be not its physical building, nor its cargo trucks or the furniture or paper or computers. Instead, the most valuable resource that companies will invest in is the people who work there. A worker today is a highly skilled and productive person, but each worker is a human being, and such beings need an environment that nurtures their professional and personal growth, and a frustrated employee may leave a well-paying job that is not offering them the opportunities for growth that they are looking for. And of course, any employee who faces harassment, bullying, or discrimination is highly likely to pack up and leave, so a company will need to hire the right people for every position available. Talent acquisition means making use of a career placement agency or a staffing agency, and this includes the higher-up managers as well, such as HR executives. To fill these higher-up job openings, a client company may reach out to HR Continue Reading No Comments