Police officers rely on body cameras to document almost everything they experience on the job. The footage from these cameras can protect them in court because they will have solid evidence of their actions. This means people who acted illegally can’t lie and get away with it.

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Police aren’t the only ones who use body cameras, and anyone can purchase their own body camera if they want to record their actions on the go. This video details the exact specifications of four of the top body cameras on the market.

When choosing a body camera, it’s important to take into account how you will use the camera. For example, if you plan to use it primarily at night, you need to make sure the camera has great night video recording options. If you want to use the camera in a variety of settings, including off of your body, you can choose a portable camera that includes a stand. These cameras are truly multifunctional recording devices.

In addition, make sure your camera has great audio recording capabilities. Video recording alone simply can’t capture the entirety of what you experience on the go. With a great microphone, a body camera can give you a perfect look back into your day.

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