In this YouTube video, Minecraft Lab looks at some of the best budget Minecraft server hosting available. Each type will work differently for each unique set-up. Each hosting server provider has its own set of advantages.

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Shockbyte originated from Australia. Their mission is not to make a dent in the pocketbook. Over the years, they’ve perfected their hosting strategies, have dialed in their uptimes, and allow unlimited SSD storage. They have several plans available.

Apex Hosting offers worldwide server locations. They offer one-click installation, solid uptimes, and DDoS protection. This server service is well-balanced, with the only drawback being the number of slots available. To get more slots, a person has to purchase premium support.

Anvilnode specializes in Minecraft hosting and even offers dedicated servers for those who want to grow their gaming activities. They only use Intel Xeon CPUs and four global locations. A person can only choose between two regions.

ScalaCube’s business revolves around Minecraft almost exclusively. They offer the ability to create a Minecraft launcher from their control panel. There is a preinstalled website and forum along with the server. Using a virtual private server is possible with this company. Their only drawback is their location coverage.

ServerMiner offers a one-click installer, a free MySQL database, with eight regions available. Their basic plans are a little bit more expensive, and there is no live chat option. To compensate, they offer several in-depth tutorials and resources from their website. The servers run well.

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