In this video, you will learn about electric heaters. There are different types of electric heaters, but many of them are commonly referred to as space heaters. There are also many different types of space heaters that are available.

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In this video, four space heaters are compared for efficiency and effectiveness. The goal of the experiment was to see which space heater heats up the room the best and costs the least amount of money. The four different types of space heaters are an oil-filled radiator space heater, infrared quartz space heater, mica panel space heater, and ceramic space heater. The four of these are the most common types of space heaters available. The power consumption, the time it takes to heat the room, and how well it maintains the temperature are all metrics used to determine how efficient and effective each of these space heaters is. There is a lot to know about space heaters. If you are interested in learning more, keep watching this video for even more information!

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