Why You Should Play on a Private Server

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Hi there, players! So, you have been thinking about playing on a private server rather than official servers, but you are not too sure if this is actually a better

Why You Should Move Your Voice to the Cloud

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Before you opt for outsourcing voice hosting, you will need to ensure you consider a few factors. You will need dedicated internet hosting, dedicated server hosting, and voice hosting services.

Do Long Extension Cords Cause Issues?

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If you work with extension cords on a regular basis, then you probably know that extra long extension cords can cause issues. But why do they cause so many problems

2021s Top Server Hosts for Minecraft

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With the 2021 year winding down to a close, you may want to take a look at some of the top Minecraft server hosting companies that the year had to

Space Heaters Explained

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In this video, you will learn about electric heaters. There are different types of electric heaters, but many of them are commonly referred to as space heaters. There are also

5 of the Best Budget Minecraft Server Hosting Companies

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In this YouTube video, Minecraft Lab looks at some of the best budget Minecraft server hosting available. Each type will work differently for each unique set-up. Each hosting server provider

Best of the Best Body Cameras

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Police officers rely on body cameras to document almost everything they experience on the job. The footage from these cameras can protect them in court because they will have solid


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Is it your kid’s birthday? Are you hosting a special event? Something you might think is pretty sick is a gaming truck. You might be wondering what could be in

Choosing a Minecraft Server Host Best Companies

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So you’re looking for a company to host your Minecraft server but you don’t know where to start. Different companies offer different features to suit different types of needs. And

Virtual Private Server What is it?

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What is a virtual private server? In this video, you will learn about the service. Shared hosting is an important part of a private server. It is a physical server