As discussed in the clip “A Day in the Life of a Generator Service Technician,” a technician’s job requires specialized skills and knowledge. That said, the real responsibility falls to the technicians themselves. The technician must be courteous, patient, and reliable to ensure their customers are satisfied.

The typical day of a technician undertaking commercial generator repairs has many demands. They range from installation and maintenance to system troubleshooting.

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Many tasks may occupy a technician throughout the day. The first task is usually the initial phone call to dispatch.

After receiving the call from dispatch, the technician will go through procedural steps. Doing so ensures they are familiar with what they need for the commercial generator repairs job. This may include readings from meters, schematics, and diagrams. For a simple fix, they will go right to work.

If the issue is not immediately apparent, they will perform diagnostics or troubleshooting steps to determine the difficulty or necessary parts. The technician can make the essential commercial generator repairs using this information.

The next step in the day will involve logging in to the computer system to submit a report. This report will detail all aspects of the job, such as how long it took, replaced parts, and the total cost. After completing this step, the workday is over for most technicians. The average workday is usually from eight hours to twelve hours long.


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