24 hour chairs

One of the worst things about being new in the office (besides having to make the morning coffee run for everyone which is way more than you can carry and end up having a rather large and unsightly brown stain down the front of your slacks) is having the worst office chair. You didn’t get a nice corner cubicle or get to sit in the section of the office that has floor to ceiling windows so you can see the outside and feel the warmth of the sun. No, you’re in office purgatory where every breath you take brings you closer to mesothelioma, the sun does not exist, and you’re facing a wall near a door that literally has bolts keeping it shut. Worst of all, you didn’t get one of those nice leather desk chairs or even one of those cool quality wooden chairs. You got the cheap office chair that is traditionally saved for the newest in the office.
You don’t have to suffer the fate of being stuck with that cheap office chair. Just buy a new one. There is no better way to assert yourself to your new boss and coworkers and show them that you mean business than to get rid of that cheap chair and get a new one. That chair is also no good for your back, so getting one of the best ergonomic computer chairs is ideal. The best ergonomic desk chair will have adjustable features to specifically fit your size, making the way you sit much more comfortable and healthy for your back. Your new chair should also have good lumbar support which can be achieved with a lumber pillow insert. Great references here.

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