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As The New York Times writes, sensible, affordable, and effective IT solutions are the lifeblood of any successful business in this Digital Age. Now, you might read that to mean that you need to have a well designed, readily accessible web page that shows off your products and services. You might think that means your company needs to have a presence on popular social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter, to easily connect with your fans in a human way. This is all true.

However, one of the most important technologies for your business is also one of the oldest. Telephone service providers remain one of the most crucial tech services in the business world. Why? Quite simply, they provide you with open channels to keep you in touch with clients and business partners, thereby making your company stronger. Of course, we aren’t talking about overpriced, outdated landline services. We’re talking about the IP based communication technologies offered by hosted VoIP services. How can hosted VoIP services benefit your company? Read on to find out.

Why You Should Consider Using Hosted VoIP Services

  1. The Big One: Cost
  2. If you talk to any business that’s already made the switch to hosted VoIP services, they’ll undoubtedly tell you just how much they’ve been able to save since taking the leap. When you use a VoIP service, you don’t have to worry about buying expensive in-house hardware or paying exorbitant long-distance telephony fees. Since everything is based on the flat rates of internet data, you can save big, no matter where you’re calling, as Enterprise Networking Planet points out.

  3. Hosted VoIP Solutions Equal Greater Flexibility
  4. For Entrepreneur, one of the greatest things about using VoIP is that you never have to miss an important phone call ever again. Unlike landlines that require you be next to the same phone all day, every day, you can take VoIP with you wherever you go. The best VoIP solutions can be calibrated to send calls to your laptop, home phone, or mobile, meaning you never have to miss important business calls again.

  5. A Range of Functionality from One Service
  6. With your current system, you might have to use separate pieces of technology for voice calling, another to put people on hold, another for conference calling, and yet another still to buzz people into your office. As The Houston Chronicle writes, VoIP systems come with all of this technology tied to a single piece of hardware. Want to buzz somebody in? Hit a button on your VoIP capable phone. Need to set up a conference call? Just add people using your voice system. VoIP equals functionality and simplicity.

What sorts of benefits have your hosted VoIP services brought to your company? Let us know in the comments below! Helpful links:

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