Dedicated server hosting

Your company is specialized in its field, not IT, just as IT and managed service companies are focused running communications, not your field. With 90% of businesses expected to purchase some type of managed services in 2014 to run such services as voice, data, mobile, and cloud services, they allow you to focus more on your business model.

Managed service companies, which also includes managed hosting dedicated to your internet growth, have access to technology and resources small business typically do not. Given the web hosting industry holds a value of 12.3 billion dollars and IT spending was up 4.2% last year, website hosting companies offering managed hosting dedicated to client websites are among the top managed services segments. Additionally, the typical organization uses about 545 different cloud computing services.

Since managed services companies are specialists in their field, they bring to their clients excellent ROI return on investment. Other services available through managed services typically include internet security, tech support, and a trouble shooting teams. This is in addition to voice service dedicated broadband internet access, mobile internet access, and unlimited data mobile plans and a plethora of other services.

Companies deploying managed services drive down research and development costs, deploying in depth expertise to efficiently drive improvements in reliability, productivity and efficiency. Additionally, server hosting companies offer companies server hosting services and server solutions, taking pressure off in house operations.

If your company wants to ramp up internet presence, for example, contact professionals in marketing to implement dedicated managed hosting, social media campaigns and managed hosting dedicated to website content. This content is specifically designed to drive website traffic. Website marketing is just an example of how managed services can allow you to focus attention on your principle business practice. More like this article.

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