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In the US the parents assume 90 percent of the total cost of child care. According to Child Care Aware of America, the cost of having two children in child care is more than the median annual rent in every state. So to help parents pay for daycare services, some employers subsidize the cost of corporate childcare facility. Corporate daycare, childcare in the workplace and employer sponsored childcare of course have their own benefits to the employers. For one, the parents are more productive knowing that their children are properly cared for. Second, corporate childcare and other similar company sponsored daycare is a way for the company or organization to attract and keep the best employees. Third, it boosts the morale of the employees. Fourth, corporate childcare strengthens the bond of employees.

In the US, in a week around 11 million children who are younger than five years old are in some form of child care arrangement. For your company, offering a daycare to your employees would benefit your employees and your organization. However, you should carefully choose your Pa childcare in order to ensure that the children receive quality care and preschool education. Now, in choosing a PA daycare, choose the one that is a recognized corporate childcare management company. Second, make sure that the corporate childcare management company meets all the state and national standards for daycare. Third, make sure that the company is National Association for the Education of Young Children NAEYC accredited. Fourth, it is best if the company have several centers in different states. For the parents out there, if you are looking for creative childcare solutions, you can go to working mother website.

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  1. If we had company sponsored daycare I would certainly work harder and love the company more. I know then they care for me and considers us employees as family.

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