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Efficient and Convenient Moving and Storage Pods

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Pods moving

The typical time for most residential moves is between June and September. Whether it is underhanded or clever, moving companies will boost their price during those times. Regardless of when residents decide to make a move, there is no question that moving is one of the biggest pains that they ever have to do.

Actually, a recent study apparently found that moving is the third most stressful activity that people will ever endure in their life times. The only activities that are more stressful are death and divorce. While this may leave some people scratching their heads, members of the 6.7 households that moved during 2010 know that moving is pretty stressful. Perhaps that is the reason why 37 percent of Americans refuse to move away from their hometowns, to avoid the stress.

One way to alleviate the stress related to long distance moves or military moves is to contact a company that offers pods storage. When residents make arrangements with pods moving companies, the desired number of moving pods will be delivered to their homes, where they will remain until the day of the move. During that time, residents can take their time to pack and load their belongings into the pods.

While being able to pack at your own pace is nice, it is also incredibly convenient to be able to have everything already loaded and ready to go when moving day arrives. Additionally, moving pods eliminates most of the clutter that is typical of most residential moves. Thus, pods moving makes it possible sort, pack, and load in three easy steps. And with the time that pods saves, residents can take the time to create an inventory list, which is always recommended, but rarely done.

When the big day arrives, the moving company will send their own truck to the home, load the pods on a flatbed trailer, and transport them to the new residence. This time around, the movers will actually help the residents unload their personal belongings, which residents will appreciated after driving long distances. The bottom line is that pods provides an easy way to reduce the stress of any move, while also saving time.