Fiberglass shower base

Could your bathroom use an updated shower? Whether you have an existing shower or not, preformed shower bases make installing a new shower relatively easy for the “do it yourselfer”.

In fact, most of the work occurs before you can install the shower base, or shower pan. The critical first step is to verify that your floor is solid and sturdy. If you suspect weakness from insect or water damage, now is the time to open it up and make any renovations. Most new fiberglass shower bases are essentially leak proof, but you do not want to make a weakened floors any worse by installing new shower bases over the top.

The floor should also be level in all directions. If there is any slope to the floor, your shower will not drain properly and you risk having standing water in the shower. The shower bases are made to be self leveling to a certain extent, but double check your floor to guarantee against future issues.

The next step involves test fitting the shower bases over the drains. You are looking for the shower bases drain to line up properly with the floor drain. Remember, this will be the weakest connection of the shower bases installation so fit is critical. Depending on local code guidelines, you may need to switch this out to a pvc pipe connection, but you will have to check with your local ordinances.

Assuming you have successfully test fit the shower base into the space you can begin the permanent installation. Typically, most shower bases can be installed with a quick setting concrete or a silicon adhesive. Since this may change according to manufacturer instructions, you will have to double check your particular recommendations.

Again, you should check to make sure that your shower base is level when you install it with the adhesive. Make sure the drain connections are correct and properly seated. The type of pipe will again dictate what kind of adhesive you use to connect the shower base to the drain. Once it is dry and cured you will be good to go with the installation of shower walls or tile.

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