Updated 2/15/21

On its own as an isolated symptom, a mild sore throat usually is not something to be overly worried or concerned about. However, with recent concerns about COVID-19 and the myriad of symptoms that can come with the illness, even a sore throat needs to be taken seriously. This is especially true if it comes with other sudden, severe, or unexpected symptoms.

If you think you or a loved one may have symptoms of COVID-19 or other serious illness then you need to contact a medical professional for urgent care schedule an appointment. Conducting a quick urgent care search online will show you available locations and you can also check to see if they are set up with any special protocol or services related to the pandemic. Chances are, there is an urgent care that is open right now in your area so putting off care and waiting to see if you get better may not be the best option. Getting to an emergency center or urgent care where there is a doctor on site will mean you get seen and treated sooner rather than later. It can also help protect your family members and others around you as well.

Did you know that emergency room visits in the United States now number approximately 110 million annually? However, many people visit emergency rooms for injuries and illnesses that are not truly emergencies, often because their doctors’ offices are closed or they are unable to get an appointment. If you urgently need to see a doctor portland but it isn’t a true emergency, you might consider visiting an urgent care facility, such as urgent urgent care Beaverton or urgent care portland oregon. If you need to see a doctor Portland, urgent care provides high level care; 70 percent of all physicians at urgent care centers are board certified in Family Practice or Emergency Medicine

The urgent care movement began in the 1970s in the United States, but has grown exponentially around the globe since then; the number of urgent care centers is increasing by about 300 each year in the United States and In the years between 2007 and 2012, the urgent care center industry has grown about 6.3 percent annually. Urgent care centers concentrate on the evaluation and treatment of acutely arising conditions for a wide range of patients. However, they are increasingly providing lab services, x rays, and routine physicals. It is even possible to see a doctor in Portland for STD testing Portland at an urgent care facility. Conditions commonly treated at an urgent care center include sprains and strains; fractures; upper respiratory illnesses; gastrointestinal conditions such as food poisoning; lacerations; and concussions. In addition, 97 percent of all urgent care centers nationally provide pre-packaged prescription services, although some states have laws preventing this service. Furthermore, urgent care facilities are quite affordable; because their prices are usually affordable, urgent care centers are often used by people who do not have health insurance. Overall, if you need to see a doctor in Portland consider an urgent care facility.
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