Industrial Clutches and Brakes for the Job

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For any industrial work, such as a factory component, an engine, or a vehicle’s many systems, having the right kinds of parts in the best possible condition is necessary for a good day’s work. A type 1 clutch or brake will be needed for certain engines, but even those that don’t use a type 1 follow the same basic rules. Type 1 clutch and brake parts are best for corresponding engines, while any machine or car owner should know ahead of time what sort of parts they need and make the right purchase to keep their machines running smoothly.

Clutch and Brake Basics

A clutch is simply a device that can connect or disconnect a shaft connected to an engine or power source, and a different shaft that is connected to the rest of the machine, according to How Stuff Works. Manual cars will often have one, as well as many industrial uses, from power dr

3 Tips for Successful Supply Chain Recruiting

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There are many ways that companies can recruit great candidates including social media, referrals and existing candidates gathered from applicant tracking systems. Filling positions and recruiting can be a full time job for some considering it can take up to 32 days to fill permanent positions within a company. Almost 6% of external hires are found through search firms, but recruitment processes are important for companies as well. Consider these tips for the supply chain recruitment process to help it go smoothly and easily.

Cover Letter

Look for candidates that have a cover letter included in their resume. This resume should be short, but should highlight prior work history. Any achievements accomplished should also be highlighted. For example a supply chain recruiting company that has seen positive outcomes such as