Many aspects of decades-old institutions have been greatly disrupted over the past few years. One example is an all-time low admissions rate for institutions of higher learning. With this obstacle to overcome, you don’t want the customer relationship management, or CRM, software prospective applicants encounter to be an additional barrier. Make sure your higher education enrollment software for recruitin avoids these frequent pitfalls.

One common complaint is that, when admissions and recruiting teams use two different software, there is a huge lack of efficiency because data cannot be easily shared between systems.

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Using one platform that serves both needs offers a huge advantage.

Another issue is that admissions personnel are too busy to promptly respond to inquiries from applicants. Using a CRM that includes widgets with chat functions can help redirect these questions and provide potential students with the help they need.

Sometimes an overly complicated system can be a problem. If your CRM is too complex and an issue arises, your staff may need to wait until an IT person can provide assistance, essentially leaving them at a standstill until another person intervenes. More streamlined CRMs are simple to troubleshoot even without advanced IT knowledge, saving your team time.

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