If you are an original equipment manufacturer, electrical installer, or design engineer, chances are you deal with tailored electronic enclosures quite frequently. It is wise to familiarize yourself with the different materials, options, and features available for a custom enclosure.

Polystyrene construction is a common, affordable option appropriate for smaller products and office use.

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However, this is not the most durable material available. ABS is also affordable but can offer higher durability. One downside would be a lack of UV protection, making it most suitable for internal use. Polycarbonates are extremely strong and can withstand a wide range of wear, tear, and impact, making it a good fit for external or even construction uses. This highest level of protection will come with a steeper price tag, but if the electronics inside need this level of defense, it might be worth the investment.

If plastic is simply not strong enough for high impact or construction environments, metal enclosures are your best option. Steel is incredibly durable while also being aesthetically pleasing. Just keep an eye out for any scratches or you will run the risk of corrosion.

This knowledge will allow you to make the most informed recommendations to your customers and ensure their satisfaction with your services.

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