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The Challenges of Fieldwork Require The Strength of The Semi Rugged Laptop

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One of the best ways to take on computer work is with a laptop. While many businesses today use laptops for their employees, there is the potential for great financial loss when even one laptop becomes damaged or fails completed. Losing even one laptop can cost your company almost $50,000, including a combination of the laptop itself, downtime, management time, and support. Therefore, a much greater need for rugged laptops, or at least semi rugged laptops, is essential to any business.

The Semi Rugged Laptop

Many calculations have determined the need for laptops to withstand much more wear for longer periods of time. So far, over 60% of laptops used for fieldwork are in need of serious repair by the end of their fifth year of use. This could be a difficult statistic to keep up with as well. Laptop computers can be transferred between employees, while there may be delays between periods of use.

So, the need for a semi rugged laptop increases in many different situatio