As technology advances, data center infrastructure is becoming more important and more commonplace than ever before here in the United States and even in many other places around the world as well. Digital storage is not only cost effective, but is far more efficient than typical paper storage systems, as many offices and places of work all around the country can attest to.

In fact, paper storage methods are becoming more and more outdated with each year that passes. Not only are files frequently misfiled, but many (more than seven percent) are simply lost entirely in areas of the work force all around the country. This is a nuisance to any place of business, of course, but it is also a money suck, with each lost document costing as much as twenty five dollars to replace, not even including the time lost in the productivity of workers who must stop what they are doing to search for a misfiled or lost document that they are in need of.

Switching to storing data on the cloud, an electronic system with unlimited storage potential, is looking more and more appealing to companies and places of business all throughout the country. In fact, more than eighty percent of all companies who have moved their method of storage to the cloud have found that they saved money both in the short term as well as in the long term. On top of this, many companies are simply running out of the IT capacity that they already have and will be in need of more very shortly. In fact, more than thirty five percent (thirty eight percent, to be exact) are set to run out within the next eighteen months, only just a year and a half. The cloud has many applications that any given company can take advantage of, but the most important is certainly storage, with a full quarter of all survey respondents saying that the storage feature is the application that they would choose if they were only going to have access to one cloud application.

With this growing need for storage, particularly storage on the cloud, data center infrastructure has grown by more than twenty percent (twenty one percent, to be more exact) in just the four years that have passed since the year of 2014. But data center infrastructure is not yet as efficient as it could be, from the data center cabling that can be found in any given data center infrastructure to data monitoring software. For instance, the energy use consumed by the typical data center infrastructure is not yet what it could be, and just by making every single data center and data center infrastructure in the United States only twenty percent more effective and efficient, as much as two billion dollars could collectively be saved on an annual basis. Of course, reducing the amount of energy that is used in the typical data center infrastructure will also be hugely beneficial for the environment which cannot, of course, be forgotten when we make such considerations.

An important part of data center management also means that the data center infrastructure of a data center runs as smoothly as is possible. Using hot and cold aisle containment systems are one way to do this, as they can prevent the incredibly essential servers in any given data center infrastructure from overheating, after which precious information can be lost. Overheating also makes the air conditioning systems in such data centers work much harder than they should be, another way that energy is wasted in the typical data center – and as a part of this, greenhouse gases can even be emitted, something that we have found has a huge detriment on our mother earth.

Data centers have become hugely important in the United States and in many other places around the rest of the world, there is denying this fact. More companies than ever before are moving to cloud storage applications, thus increasing the need for data center infrastructure even further here in the United States.

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