Are you in search of a new of upgraded security system to keep your family and your home protected? Do you have questions about how to fund the number 1 home security camera system in your area? Visiting your local home security business is a great place to get an idea of what options are available and what types of systems you have to work with. From simple door alarms and smoke detectors to video and motion sensor systems, your local home security pros have what you are looking for. And in the event they don’t have what you need in stock, they can likely order it for you with no issues at all.

From the best 5 star alarms to simple protection options to add to your existing system, you can get it all with the added benefit of professional installation and assistance throughout the entire process. Whether you need help getting a burglar alarm system added to your home, or you are looking for a good security camera system, your local security experts are ready to lend a helping hand. Call them today tog et started and to make sure you and your family are protected!

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Did you know that there are more than two and a half million home invasions every year? And of those 2.5 million, only about 325,000 are ever solved (that’s a startlingly sad 13% if you’re a mathematician). The reason for this is that if there is no witness or physical evidence left behind from the perpetrators of the burglaries, it doesn’t give the cops much to go on.

This is where home security systems come in. Having good security system that includes factors such as video surveillance systems greatly reduces the likelihood that your home would be broken into at all. But if it is, the detectives working your case have the evidence they need to track down the person who broke into your house and (most importantly) reclaim your valuables.

If you are here, it’s likely because you’re researching home security systems, and so you probably already know that all security systems are not created equally. To help you find the security system that best protects your family and home, we’ve put together a list of things you should know.

Three Things You Should Know About Home Security Systems Before You Get One

    1. We Don’t Want to Alarm You, But…

      Did you know that in the Roman days, people had primitive home security systems on their doors, that consisted of a spring-loaded knife in the door? If a person tried to get through the door without disabling the knife first, you can figure out what happens. We can only picture the number of people who were accidentally stabbed with this setup. Not to mention, there were probably a long list of ways to circumvent the process and get in anyways. Likewise, if you think a burglar alarm is all you need, you might be disappointed by the results. All a burglar has to do is get in your home without triggering the alarm, and they’re able to get away with your goods, but without any evidence left behind.

      You might find it a better use of your time and money to invest in a security system that offers more than just that. A good home security system includes motion-triggered video surveillance. If your home were compromised, you would not be part of the 87% of home invasion cases with no evidence. It will also alert your family of other threats, such as smoke or a gas leak.

      You might not need the kind of security system that protects that royal jewels. Your particular security system needs are as unique as your fingerprint (which can be used as a security feature, if needed). The point is to do your research and find the right security for your home. Don’t assume that just because an alarm goes off when the door is opened, your valuables are safe.

    1. You Can Design a Security System Around What You Need to Protect
      A security system provider worth their weight in noodles will help you customize your security system to protect what matters. For example, perhaps you have a priceless painting. A good security system provider will have the technology to alert you if your painting is ever moved. Maybe your most valuable possession happens to be stored in a place that doesn’t typically get a lot of attention from security systems (such as your classic Mustang in the garage). You might not find an out-of-the-box system that offers extended protection in your garage, but you should look for a provider who understands that every client’s needs are unique, and will create a system that best protects you.
  1. Don’t Believe Everything You See On TV

    In the movies, all it takes to disable a security system is a pair of wire cutters. The bad guys just have to open the external power box and find the conspicuous red wire labeled “Main Security System” to shut it all down. And we aren’t just talking about home-cooked armature systems. According to Hollywood, this is all it takes to bring down mega-million dollar corporations.

    In reality, if this is all it took to disable a security system, there really would be no point in getting one at all. Even private security systems are battery operated, so that even in the more-likely event of a storm-triggered power outage, you’ll still have security.

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