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The internet has come a long way since the days of dial up. Currently there are about 4.49 billion webpages in the world today, thats 3 billion less than the population of the planet. With all of this information on line cloud storage is becoming the norm. Even if you think you don’t exactly know what cloud web hosting is, it is still probably a part of your daily life.

You Use the Cloud Every Day Without Knowing It
Generally the cloud refers to software that runs on the internet rather than directly on your device. Many of your favorite entertainment and social media programs such as Netflix, Dropbox, Facebook, and Flickr all operate in the cloud meaning that information is stored remotely so you can access it anywhere. In a recent survey respondents stated that if they were given the choice of moving only one thing to the cloud it would be their storage. Cloud hosting is the way of the future and many businesses are moving towards the cloud model.

87% of Companies are Operating in the Cloud.
Large companies are finding that moving to cloud website hosting services is saving them money and increasing efficiency. Over than 60% of businesses utilize the cloud for performing IT-related operations with 80% of companies citing improvements in the first 6 months of utilizing the cloud. Cloud website hosting services are more reliable since there are more inherent fail safes. For example if a piece of hardware was to fail other computers in the cloud would be able to compensate for the loss. This means that websites are less likely to be affected by events such as power outs. According to a study by Forbes, 55% of companies reported an increase in efficiency after moving to a cloud website hosting service. By 2015, end-user spending on cloud services are likely to exceed $180 billion.

The cloud offers convenience, efficiency and security for large and small business web hosting. It has become so ingrained in everyday routines, you may barely notice its effect on your life, but consider all the data you would lose it it didn’t exist.

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