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Most website design companies are now offering “cloud” services, such as cloud hosting, as part of their standard web page hosting services. What this means is that these website design companies offer software that is used via the internet rather than being downloaded and stored on a computer or other device. The company might also offer e-storage solutions using cloud servers in addition to (or in place of) traditional servers.
With more than four billion web pages living on the internet, and 87% of them using the cloud in some way, it is important for businesses to research their website design companies and assure that their cloud servers are secure and safe. It may appear that all offer the same services, but the amount of customer service, troubleshooting and security each company offers could vary greatly.
Here are a few things your business should consider before choosing a cloud hosting company:
What Type of Cloud Services Do They Provide?
Before deciding on a web design company for your cloud needs, you’ll first need to decide what types of services your business will be needing. For instance, does your business have a large need for document storage? Is there a specific type of application software that you prefer to use via the cloud rather than installing it on each employee’s computer? What about customer relationship management? Is that important to your business?
How Secure is their Cloud Hosting?
The best website design companies will always make your business’s security their #1 priority. They should have several security measures in place, including anti-virus protection, firewalls, data encryption, user authentication, and standard security audits performed on a regular basis.
Do They Screen Their Employees?
This may not be something that you think about, but the web host company you choose could possibly be employing cyber criminals without even knowing it. Make sure that they screen their employees and do thorough background checks before trusting them with your business’s valued information.
Do They Offer 24-Hour Customer Support?
The web hosting company you choose for cloud storage options should always offer 24/7 customer support. If they don’t, keep researching website design companies. If there is a breach in your business’s cyber security, you won’t have time to wait until business hours to rectify the situation.
Using cloud for things like document storage, photo storage and email can help cut operating costs by eliminating the need for specific hardware. It can also completely eliminate your business’s need for an information technology division. Cloud computing makes it easier for team members to collaborate, and even to report for work from anywhere in the world. As a matter of fact, 82% of businesses who have switched to cloud applications and storage report that they are actually saving money.
As you can tell, just because web design companies offer virtual dedicated server hosting options does not mean that they are all created equally. Do your homework and choose a company that best meets your needs and has the utmost desire to offer their customers unmatched security.

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