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In the world of web designing, nothing is quite as hot right now as search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a marketing strategy that heavily relies on web design and development to get off the ground. What is SEO, exactly? SEO is the process of designing websites and building content that best grabs the attention of search engines such as Google and Bing. The objective here is to be featured prominently (ideally first) on a search results page. The higher the ranking, the more traffic (and ultimately customers) a website will receive.

Digital advertising agencies are eating up SEO campaigns. Some, however, beg the question of the necessity of using search engines to market content. Is search engine optimization marketing all the worth it? It is, after all, a long-term strategy, and many businesses don’t see palpable results for months after the campaign started. There are a number of ways to address this point. Of the many reasons why professional web design companies employ SEO, here are three prominent ones that should give you a good idea why they do so:

    Search Engines Are Widespread: Search engines are by far one of the most used components of the Internet. On average, search engines around the world process a whopping 100 billion requests every month. Moreover, 93% of all experiences on the Internet start on a search engine. With such a wide user base, it’s no wonder companies in the United States and around the world are taking full advantage of them.

    It’s Cheaper Than Other Forms of Advertising: SEO is considered an “inbound” lead. That is, it relies on users coming to it rather than the other way around. “Outbound” leads such as commercials, paper ads, and flyers are sent directly to the customer. One reason why SEO is so popular is that as an inbound lead, it’s roughly 60% less expensive than outbound leads.

    Search Engines Drive the Most Traffic Than Anything Else on the Internet: A recent study conducted by OutBrain found that search engines drive the most amount of traffic to content websites than anything else found in the World Wide Web.

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