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Facebook is not only supreme social network, it’s also probably the best creative agency in the social media game thanks in large part to its unique, charitable brand development strategies. To give you a better idea of just how Facebook is simultaneously making the world a better place while also doing some brand strategy development, check out a few of the latest things it’s done.

Matching Donations to Nepal.

Facebook recently built a widget that makes it easy for people to donate money to fund disaster relief efforts in Nepal, which was recently struck with a massive 7.8 earthquake, but it didn’t stop there. As an act of goodwill and as a clever brand strategy development tactic, Facebook announced that it’d match each donation made through the widget up to $2 million. The social network is literally putting its money where it’s mouth is.

Making It Easy For People to Get Help.

The social network juggernaut also recently began rolling out its new suicide prevention feature, which it had announced last February. Although Facebook has allowed users to report suicidal content since 2011, the new feature makes it easier for the friends of someone suffering to get them help. When users see something that implies the desire for self-harm, they have the choice to either contact that friend, another friend, or a suicide hotline. For there, the poster will be notified that someone is concerned about them and then asks if they’d like to call a friend or message a suicide prevention expert.

Cultivating a Place for Business.

Facebook recently announced that the number of small business pages on its network reached 40 million, up 10 million from less than a year ago. Although this isn’t much of a strategy, this still speaks volumes about Facebook’s brand strategy development, proving it successful. Through years of effort and careful attention, Facebook has successfully cultivated a business culture, as proven by this huge milestone.

The moral of the story here is that brand strategy development has to come from a good place. Don’t do things purely to get the word out about your company. Your brand strategy development should be something helpful, like Facebook’s donation widget, suicide prevention feature, or business pages.

What do you think about Facebook’s brand strategy development? Has it given you an idea for a brand development strategy? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments!

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