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While some professional Web design companies and Internet marketing services are still obsessing over Google’s April 21 algorithm update (even going so far as to call it “Mobilegeddon”), the future of Internet marketing and search engine optimization marketing actually gets a whole lot crazier. In the not-so-distant future, businesses and consumers will both have a lot more data on their hands, thanks to upcoming technologies. And this data will shape — and forever change — how digital marketing and small ad agencies work.

Are You Ready For These Futuristic Gadgets?

Searches motivated 25% of all U.S. purchases in 2010, and that amount is only growing. And search and online shopping provides the advantage of being incredibly easy to track — not only is it possible for companies to know what you have purchased in the past. They can also view what you search, what you search most frequently, and items that may have been in your cart at one point before you removed them. Brick-and-mortar stores lack this insight. But that’s all about to change. New sensors may enable stores to follow your gaze and show what you picked up and put back again. This data will be used to drive digital marketing tips, of course, but it will also be used in-store to influence in-store purchases.

Wearables Will Change The Scope Of Things

Wearables are another huge area — one that presents any number of possibilities. Some wearables, such as smart watches and Google glass, will focus on a more traditional internet experience. Here’s where digital marketing tips and SEO as we know them may come in, given that 93% of Internet use starts on search engines, and Internet users make over 100 billion search queries worldwide per month. However, wearables that track vitals, health, and sleeping patterns may also drive purchasing decisions (i.e., they may influence anything from grocery shopping, doctors visits, and the purchase of pillows and new mattresses). As this is coming about, it is wise for all companies to see if — and how — they can fit into these big target areas and then make it obvious enough to drive customers’ purchasing decisions.

The future of digital marketing and digital marketing tips isn’t here yet — just wait until in-store data and wearables, whether they encourage more traditional Internet access or track health, influence public relations and Web marketing.

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