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Let’s start with the basics. What is point of sales? POS or point of sales is a computerized system used throughout the retail and restaurant industries. Though there are several types of pos systems for restaurants and retailers, including traditional and mobile, they are all designed to cash flow, sales, inventory, and to expedite bookkeeping.

Restaurant point of sales systems are vital in order to process the high volume of cash and credit card transactions that occur in a restaurant on a daily basis. Modern point of sales equipment, such as cloud point of sales systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their higher level of security. Modern pos software also makes it impossible to alter checks, providing even further protection against fraud. This protects your business and your valued customers against data thieves and hackers.

In regards to the food service industry, restaurant point of sales systems are able to track every cent of your sales, which in turn hold each server accountable for all their transactions. This provides you and your staff with the opportunity to improve up-selling techniques, as well as set realistic sales goals.

In addition to security and protection against data breaches — which have become increasingly commonplace for both large and small retailers — restaurant point of sales systems expedite communication between the kitchen and servers. Servers are able to enter orders, including guest preferences, into the system which then prints it directly to the kitchen. Additionally,
modern restaurant point of sales systems can assist in menu planning, by tracking the most popular dishes, cocktails, and other menu items.

Another benefit of food service pos systems is that they act as a time clock, allowing you to better prepare payroll. This not only saves time, but money as well. Aside from the day to day business operations of managing a restaurant, a modern pos system can help to profit and loss statements, as well as sales tax.

Whether your restaurant has five Michelin stars or just opened, the benefits POS systems have to offer are many!

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