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The average American consumer is online almost constantly: research shows that around 64% of smartphone users use their device to shop online, and traffic from mobile gadgets now accounts for as much as 16% of all internet usage worldwide. Despite this, 70 to 80% of people say they never scroll past the first page of results when using a search engine. If your website isn’t on the first page of Google, this means that you need to learn how to market your company online fast. And unless you want to struggle with Google’s complex algorithms for a few months, the best way to do this is to hire an internet marketing firm that specializes in search engine optimization. But how do you know which SEO services agency can help your business? By considering their answer to the following questions.

How Exactly Will You Improve My Website’s Search Ranking?
Although the SEO industry has existed for about 20 years, relatively few people outside the field understand exactly what search engine optimization is, much less how it works. As a result, an experienced SEO marketing agency will have had plenty of experience explaining their company’s services and how they work. By asking about the tactics they would use, you have a chance to judge how knowledgeable the agency is about their industry, how helpful and informative they will be throughout your working relationship, and how effective they might be at improving your search rankings.

Do You Follow the Webmaster Guidelines Set By Search Engines?
There are three different types of SEO: White Hat, which uses effective and approved tactics to improve website quality and search rankings; Black Hat, which seeks to manipulate loopholes and requirements to quickly increase a website’s position; and Gray Hat, which combines techniques from the two previous groups. While Black and Gray Hat SEO may sound tempting, these methods are only able to create temporary results, can cause a consumer to distrust a website, and can even get you banned from a search engine. In contrast, White Hat creates a lasting effect by focusing on website design and hosting, content creation, and necessary upgrades to create web pages Google will trust. If an SEO services agency doesn’t follow search engine guidelines, find a company that does.

Can You Guarantee That My Website Will Be the Top-Ranking Website on Every Popular Search Engine?
While you might be looking for a “yes”, this is actually a trick question: due to a number of factors, including frequent changes to SEO itself, no SEO services agency should be able to guarantee anything, especially when it comes to getting you that coveted top ranking. If a company says yes, not only is it bound to be a false claim, but they might also be using some disreputable methods to get you there. Instead, look for a company who takes the time to explain this popular misconception and how their plan is designed to help you succeed.

With consumers and businesses increasingly turning to the internet to buy and sell products and services, marketing your company often means trying out a variety of new tactics. This can be confusing at times, but it’s often worth it: after all, a few decades ago, many business owners were likely dismissing company websites as unnecessary. SEO is no exception. Contact local SEO agencies today to learn how they can help your business. Read more blogs like this.

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