Custom application development

Large companies and corporations sometimes have personnel, or even entire departments, for application software development. Another option, one that is often used by smaller businesses with smaller budgets, is using a professional application software development company. Independent business intelligence consultants are also available.

Application software development is not limited to computers. It is also for mobile devices. In the United States today, there are over 90 million smartphones. Many businesses are using CRM (customer relationship management), which is an automated method of interacting with existing customers and with potential new customers. CRM uses a variety of channels including mobile apps and social media. The popularity of smartphones has led many companies to consult with mobile application development companies.

Application software development is often used in mobile computing, and in cloud computing. Mobile computing, cloud computing, and data analytics technology is expected to account for at more than 80 percent of the growth in all IT spending between now and the year 2020. Cloud service can be accessed from any device and from anywhere that has internet access. Cloud computing consulting is often a part of the application software development process.

According to estimates from 2012, spending on mobile data networks has exceeded spending on fixed data networks for the first time. Android has 46.9 percent of the market share, and the iPhone has 28.7 percent. With the growing number of mobile devices out there, things like cloud consulting and working with mobile app development companies are becoming more and more popular. It is critical for businesses to keep up with the current trends. Office technology is no longer contained inside the office.

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