Iphone security

Since the iPhone was launched in 2008, Apple has sold 85 million of them in the U.S. But since two thirds of employees wish their IT department would allow them to choose their own device, using an iPad in the enterprise could become more popular. Regardless of what types of devices employees use, having strong iphone enterprise management software is a necessity. Using an iPad in the enterprise can allow workers to be more efficient and work while on the go, but it does mean that the data they share could be less secure.

47 percent of companies using BYOD programs have had a security breach because of them, and 9 percent of iPhone owners have dropped their device in the toilet. If either of those problems occurs, iPad in the enterprise can prove to be a disadvantage. In order to keep information safe, businesses will want to make sure that they have a well developed iPhone management plan. By doing so, they will be able to provide employees with iPhone security that prevents hackers from gaining access, and ipad management that protects information if a device is lost or stolen. As a result, a management plan is a necessity for businesses who want to take advantage of having employees use an iPad in the enterprise.

For many businesses who use iPad in the enterprise, a cloud based management solution is the best option. It will be able to automatically and immediately support new mobile iOS releases and upgrades, which can cut down the time managers need to spend monitoring their devices. This is necessary when wanting to have employees use an iPad in the enterprise. More like this article: www.maas360.com

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The Need For iPhone Security

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