Chimney caps

There are a lot of ways to make a chimney or efficient, such as the UL listed stainless steel liners which is also one of the most common ways of re lining a chimney. The development of the chimney, and the technology like chimney covers that came with it only goes back to the Middle Ages, before which point houses need an opening in the middle of them for the smoke to flow out. Since then, they have become part of all kinds of folklore, such as Blake’s poems about the chimney sweepers or Clement Clarke Moore’s poem about Santa Claus which gave rise to the tradition of the Christmas gnome leaping down the chimney.

And the tales have not just grown taller. The chimneys themselves have too. Currently, the tallest chimney in the world stands at nearly 1400 feet and is located at a power station in Kazakhstan. Chimneys are environmentally friendly in as far as they burn natural energy. Chimney covers are variously referred to as chimney caps or chimney flue liners or chimney liners.

Steel chimney liners are not the only options when it comes to chimney covers. But they can, nonetheless, be a good plan. The reason is because chimney covers, when they are made from steel are less likely to stain and lead to a build up of soot. When soot builds up to much it can lead to the development of a compound which can increase the danger of fires and it is for this reason that it is still important for people who live in houses with chimneys to have someone come in on a reasonably regular basis to clean the house out. Chimney covers might not be the only options available to people and it is disputable whether there is a net gain or net loss in terms of heating when it comes to having a chimney. Nonetheless, chimneys can do a lot for people who want to save money. And it is for this reason that people will probably continue to use them, whether or not the house would have stayed slightly warmer had they just used the furnace instead.

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