Firewall companies

The government of the United States spent around 13 billion dollars to protect information technology in the year of 2011 alone. Over three fourths of organizations consider their operations compromised at one point or another due to a cyber security breach. The next gen network security solutions are developed to handle these issues that affect everyone. The amount of money lost from cyber security threats is steadily declining, according to a survey done in 2011. The next gen network security systems are designed to beef up security by providing solutions for monitoring, tracking, analyzing, and preventing all cyber threats from threatening a network.

An enterprise firewall system is used on a network security platform for preventative purposes. Spyware is another security threat that must be prevented, and it’s considered a form of malware. A intrusion detection system is needed to prevent spyware and malware from collecting information about users on a network, including general network information. Finding the right intrusion prevention system is achieved by looking at the options that next generation network systems provide. Next gen network security is being developed to match the level of threats that are being experienced in today’s technological world. Next gen network security can also prevent insiders from gaining access to sensitive information.

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