Bottleless water dispenser

Filtered bottleless water coolers are devices that are plumbed into the water supply system of a building at which it is filtered and heated or chilled for use through state of the art technology. The average person typically uses between eighty and one hundred gallons of water a day whether it is for drinking or cleaning. Point of use water coolers are effective for structures that are designed as corporate workplaces or for those that get ample traffic from the public each and every day. A point of use water cooler can be positioned into a waiting room or general area that garners a number of people passing by at all times. Take the time to research these unique water coolers to see how they can benefit your building.

A study from Tufts University found that bacteria amounts from ten traditional bottle equipped coolers on campus were ‘four times the five hundred organism limit the government recommends.’ Going beyond its other health benefits, studies have also showed that less water intake causes an increase in fat deposits while upping your intake can reduce them. This just goes to show you how important water is for the human body and how it promotes better health. Having a point of use water cooler installed within your building will provide people will free and filtered water so they do not have to pay for overpriced bottles all the time.

Reverse osmosis purification systems have the ability to remove ninety percent of more of inorganic chemicals such as fluoride nitrate, sulfate, iron, mercury and more. Using point of use water coolers that have these system installed within will provide people with fewer chemicals in their water and therefore it is healthier. There are many places that can benefit from point of use water coolers so make sure to weight the good with the bad when it comes to your facility. The internet will help you come to a conclusion on how many you want and also the service you want performing the work.

Going online will show you what exactly point of use water coolers are used for and how to go about getting one in your facility. There will be a number of user reviews on the web that you can read to learn how effective these systems really are. Take the time to explore your options to ensure you are making a good decision in the end.
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