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3 Tips for Successful Supply Chain Recruiting

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There are many ways that companies can recruit great candidates including social media, referrals and existing candidates gathered from applicant tracking systems. Filling positions and recruiting can be a full time job for some considering it can take up to 32 days to fill permanent positions within a company. Almost 6% of external hires are found through search firms, but recruitment processes are important for companies as well. Consider these tips for the supply chain recruitment process to help it go smoothly and easily.

Cover Letter

Look for candidates that have a cover letter included in their resume. This resume should be short, but should highlight prior work history. Any achievements accomplished should also be highlighted. For example a supply chain recruiting company that has seen positive outcomes such as

Printing Services Continue to Add a Growing Number of Products and Services

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Bigger is almost better.
When it comes to the printing industry, in fact, bigger is often the very best.
With the use of large plotter paper rolls and white engineering bond papers, it is possible for printing companies to provide their customers with the sizable plans that are needed. From engineers to city planners to private community designers, it is often very important to make sure that the largest and most detailed prints are available.
As technology continues to expand, it should come as no surprise that customers are demanding larger and more detailed prints. With close up details, it is important to make sure that the paper from a plotter paper roll and other sources are able to sustain continued use. The purpose of the largest printouts, for instance, are used for a number of months, and sometimes years. In addition to the weight of the paper affecting how long a print