There are many ways that companies can recruit great candidates including social media, referrals and existing candidates gathered from applicant tracking systems. Filling positions and recruiting can be a full time job for some considering it can take up to 32 days to fill permanent positions within a company. Almost 6% of external hires are found through search firms, but recruitment processes are important for companies as well. Consider these tips for the supply chain recruitment process to help it go smoothly and easily.

Cover Letter

Look for candidates that have a cover letter included in their resume. This resume should be short, but should highlight prior work history. Any achievements accomplished should also be highlighted. For example a supply chain recruiting company that has seen positive outcomes such as reduction in inventory is something that you would want highlighted so that it can stand out. Also check to see how long the individual has been with the supply chain jobs they have chosen. If there are reference, contact other supply chain recruiters to see what positive information they can provide.


This is going to be a big deal for supply chain recruiting companies. Diversity is going to drive in some of the top policies. It is will attract the most qualified candidates and let them know that the company cares about it’s employees. By bringing a diverse group of individuals together for a job it can expand the company’s overall knowledge.

Mentoring Programs

Mentoring programs are a great resource for new candidates brought in through supply chain recruiting. Along with this, it is also beneficial for current employees. A strong mentoring program will help new recruits feel more at home and help your company better retain current employees.

These tips can help draw in qualified candidates that could possibly remain with the company for a very long time. Recruiting quality candidates is more important that recruiting multiple candidates, and retaining those candidates can help your company thrive and succeed. Consider these tips along with employee appreciation programs to show your employees how vital they are to the company. When you find good employees let them know that they are appreciated, and they will be much more happy to hang around for a while.

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