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Why Provide Hiring and Outplacement Services for Your Employees?

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When it comes to the ideal work environment, there are many factors that come into play. It can often be a difficult task to create the perfectly productive work space, and more often than not it takes a bit of trial and error, as well as the combined effort of more than just one person. But one thing is consistently clear: good leadership and appreciated employees are key elements of a successful and thriving workplace. So making the effort to provide both of those elements for your company will absolutely be worth it.

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If you are looking to streamline the many different facets of your company, it may be a wise decision to look into local Continue Reading No Comments

School Districts Continue to Move to One-to-One Technology Platforms

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Technology will be the gift that high school students in the second largest school in the district will receive when they return from winter break. The Millard Public School district is going to issue all high school students laptop computers when they return from winter break. This means that Nebraska?s third-largest school district will join the growing list of districts that are implementing one-to-one computer programs.
The term one-to-one means the Millard district will put a single, district-owned computer in the hands of each high school student. In the process of this much anticipated roll out of technology, the district will phase out shared classroom computers and high school computer labs. The current lab and classroom computers that have not been aged out will filter down into the middle