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Is a Hosted Phone System the Right Move for Your Business?

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Voip business services

If you’ve ever worked for any enterprise, you’ve used a private branch exchange (PBX). You’ve told people “dial 9 to get out” when making calls outside of your building. You’ve had a four digit extension that was connected to your desk after a caller dialed your business. You might not realize how much those PBXs cost to own and operate. They were labor intensive to maintain and weren’t cheap to acquire. In fact, most legacy PBX systems required a team of telecommunications leaders and maintenance staff to reorganize the system anytime a person moved desks.

Those hefty systems are quickly becoming obsolete. Now, most big businesses use hosted phone systems. In other words, the whole PBX is operated virtually, requiring no hardware costs on behalf of the business, other than the headset itself.

What Products Can Be Made with Rotational Molding? The Answer May Surprise You

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Plastic lockers

We live in a world that values its plastic products. Plastic, and all of its variations, is one of the materials that makes modern life possible. Plastic packaging is actually good for the environment because it can be recycled and, when used for food storage, keeps food out of landfills where it takes up valuable real estate and contributes to global warming. One process to make various plastic products is rotational molding. With this method, small items like ping pong balls are possible. Medium size items like laundry trucks are possible. Even bigger things like tanks that can hold as much 20,000 gallons can be made with rotational molding techniques.

What is rotational molding?

That is a good question. This is an incredibly unique and specialized production process.