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What Facebook’s Brand Development Strategies Can Teach

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Facebook is not only supreme social network, it’s also probably the best creative agency in the social media game thanks in large part to its unique, charitable brand development strategies. To give you a better idea of just how Facebook is simultaneously making the world a better place while also doing some brand strategy development, check out a few of the latest things it’s done.

Matching Donations to Nepal.

Facebook recently built a widget that makes it easy for people to donate money to fund disaster relief efforts in Nepal, which was recently struck with a massive 7.8 earthquake, but it didn’t stop there. As an act of goodwill and as a clever

The New Technologies That Will Drive Purchasing Decisions

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While some professional Web design companies and Internet marketing services are still obsessing over Google’s April 21 algorithm update (even going so far as to call it “Mobilegeddon”), the future of Internet marketing and search engine optimization marketing actually gets a whole lot crazier. In the not-so-distant future, businesses and consumers will both have a lot more data on their hands, thanks to upcoming technologies. An