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Protecting Your Computers

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Firewall network security

There were approximately 42,887 incidents in the United States involving data loss or theft, computer intrusions, and privacy breaches in the year 2011. These kinds of breaches can have substantial consequences. For example, in October of 2011, an international hacker broke into computer files at the South Carolina Department of Revenue, gaining access to about 3.6 million tax returns. Similarly, in July 2008, a disgruntled San Francisco city administrator locked access to a critical network by resetting administrative passwords to its switches and routers, refusing to divulge them to officials.

To protect your company data and information from hacking, you may want to look into security software, or a network security platform, such as an intrusion prevention system, an intrusion detection system, and an enterprise firewall. An intrusion prevention system and an intrusion detection system are fairly similar in nature. Both an intrusion prevention system and an intrusion detection system are used to detect and prevent security breaches for enterprise networks. Enterprise firewall software has the ability to handle security for a large number of users, so it’s perfect for companies that may require more extensive IT security. The price for firewall software can range from a few hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars so you will probably want to explore different options and compares features and prices. You may also want to look into antimalware software, such as FireAMP. FireAMP is an intelligent, enterprise class advanced malware analysis and protection solution that uses big data to discover, understand and block advanced malware outbreaks, advanced persistent threats, and targeted attacks used by hackers.

You will also want to look into next generation network security, also known as next gen network security. Next gen security describe securing the current, as well as the future development and architectural evolutions in telecommunication and access networks in order to offer the latest and greatest in enterprise network security. Make sure your computer systems are properly protected. Look in an intrusion prevention system, an intrusion detection system, and an enterprise firewall to protect and secure your company’s data and information Read more blogs like this.

Stay Secure on the Go With Premium Mobile Security

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Biometric authentication

As technology has improved, mobile devices, and their capabilities, have become more and more advanced and powerful. Unfortunately, this also means that they are prone for vandalization, so finding the right mobile device security is a safe bet for anyone. Smartphone security can be a valuable defense in a lot of different situations and having mobile device security that is as advanced as the devices it protects is a great idea.

There are lots of different methods of mobile device security that people should try before making a decision. Ranging from biometric authentication to a fingerprint scanner, there are many ways to protect a device. One specific method of mobile device security is not going to necessarily be right for everyone, so it is important for people make a list of requirements and specifics that they need and determine what product is best for them. For some, a simple secure sign on might work, while other might need a combination of several different methods to offer maximum security.

Having a secure mobile device can be an asset for an individual in a number of situations. Some mobile device security options are good to protect vital information while they are operating on an open network. At other times, if a phone is lost or stolen, it can prevent burglars from gaining anything, and even help a phone or other device get returned to its owner. The benefits to mobile device security are numerous and wide ranging, so finding the right method of mobile device security is highly recommended.

Since there are so many options, and different individuals have different needs from their mobile device security methods, it is a good idea for a person looking to purchase one of these products to spend time conducting research, be it online or with a person who knows about all of the features of the different products in order to make a well educated decision. The last thing someone wants, other than having a need for security, is to have a method that doesn’t work for their device. While having the right mobile device security can ease stress and be an asset to anyone who depends on their mobile devices, having one that doesn’t function properly can be a detriment and waste of money.