Why Facebbok is Banking on the Developing Countries to Increase Their User Base

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If you were to ask a person fifty years ago what they considered a Facebook, they would most likely give you a drastically different answer than a millennial in this day and age. Before the “hashtag” was associated with trending social media threads it was called the pound sign and was located at the bottom of the telephone keypad. There is no denying that social media has drastically changed the way that we view and connect in the world. While Facebook can be used for sharing recreational information it also has a greater impact on keeping people connected across the globe. Because of this it is no surprise that Facebook is making plans to lay over 500 miles of bulk zipcord fiber optic cables through out Africa in order to increase wireless connectivity and strength.

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Where Is the Best Place to Purchase Cat6 Ethernet Cable?

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WiFi. LiFi. EyeFi.
One transmits through radio waves. One transmits through light waves. One transmits from a camera card and directly uploads to a computer. How is it possible to keep all of these technologies straight? If you find yourself still trying to understand what a Cat6 ethernet cable is while the rest of the world seems to be heading on to the newest technologies, you are not alone.
The secret to all technology is simply knowing who the resources are to supply the cables and internet connections you need to support the technologies that you purchase. While it might be helpful to know that a Cat6 ethernet cable can carry 10 gig up to 55 meters, it is not necessary to know this to make use of one of the most common cables that was used for connecting when computers first entered our home