According to Mordor Intelligence, The Global Digital Forensics Market is expected to grow by 11% in the coming years. Cybersecurity statistics indicate that there are 2,200 cyber attacks per day, with a cyber attack happening every 39 seconds on average. Once you discover that your enterprise has been breached or has been a victim of cybercrime, your first order of business should be solving the immediate problem. Hiring the right computer forensic company or seeking computer forensics services is something you must consider. However, bringing on board a computer forensic company is only the beginning.

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Computer forensic experts need to go through a thorough process of identifying, preserving, analyzing, and presenting digital evidence. This process is known as digital forensics. It requires the intervention of one of the best computer forensic companies.

Since the 1970s digital forensics has evolved to keep up with the widespread adoption of technology and the means in which these technologies are used for criminal activity. The use of computers for financial in the 1980s contributed immensely to the shaping of digital forensic methods into what they are today. With the advent of modern computing, a new landscape for criminal activity has emerged. There is a need to gather new forms of evidence to turn digital forensics into an important tool that is used by law enforcement in the pursuit and conviction of crimes.


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