Making a fair offer at a used car dealer is the best way to get a car you can drive around at a price you can live with. Many people aren’t quite sure what a fair offer looks like on a specific type of vehicle, but it is still their responsibility to try to come up with a fair price that won’t get them laughed out of the room.

There isn’t a set percentage of the standard price you should expect to offer for every used car and assume it will work. Instead, you are tasked with making sure you come up with a price that makes sense for someone trying to sell the car to make a profit for themselves and cut you a reasonable deal.

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You should balance your desire to get a vehicle that you will be able to drive around for a good price with a good sense that the person selling you the car can also make money for themselves. It is best to ensure that you come around at a fair price because that is the only thing that a reasonable dealer will agree to. Find that price point and make your offer.


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