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Data center management is important for various industries, but especially server hosts. Without proper data center management, servers will not function properly, at best, and there may be catastrophic failures, at worst. This video explains the most important parts of data center management.

Data center management is organized around IT facilities in any business. The people manning the data management software need to be aware of who is responsible for the equipment, what the operation status is, where the physical equipment is, when issues might come up, and how the equipment is connected.

Data center managers need to monitor the environment of their facilities, including the temperature, humidity, and airflow moving through the space. They also need to monitor the power chain from start to finish to locate electricity imbalances as soon as they occur.

Capacity planning is also necessary for proper data center management. Managers need to know the data center’s capacity for storing more equipment, maintaining the environment, and getting enough power. Asset management also needs to be done to maintain all of your assets within the facility.

For more information on data center management and the details of running a large data center, check out the video in the link above.

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