What makes or breaks a business’s success these days? Ask most businessowners and CEOs and you’ll be directed straight to a Twitter account.

…or an Instagram that’s updated every week. Or a simple Facebook page updated every day. Or any sort of marketing through social media. The fact of the matter is that, when you want to reach out to customers and save money, social media remains the most useful tool in the box. If you’re struggling to create more web traffic this year, consider reaching out to a digital marketing company.

From choosing an SEO firm to helping with weekly blogging, they’ll provide you with the proverbial toolbox needed to bring your business out of obscurity. Here are some basic statistics to get you caught up on marketing through social media.

Search Engines Remain The Great Equalizer

From a business searching for a local service to help with their transportation efforts to an individual browsing for affordable restaurants, search engines are the great equalizer. The vast majority of Internet browsers will use a search engine for one reason or another, even if they primarily focus on e-mail. Google receives a staggering 100 billion searches every month, which is nothing to say of Yahoo and Bing. Marketing through social media and SEO is how you get your small or large business standing out amid the noise.

Inbound Leads Are More Effective Than Outbound

Digital marketing is wonderful because of its ability to reach out to more customers and save on costs. That’s not to say you still can’t go down the wrong path. Many businesses these days are attempting to juggle marketing costs and social media efforts, with only some coming out successful. SEO, short for ‘search engine optimization’, is a very effective inbound lead with a near 15% close rate — compare this to outbound leads like direct mail and print advertising, which barely clears 2%. According to recent research, over 70% of links search users click on are organic.

Social Media Is A Casual, Useful Way Of Obtaining Information

There’s a reason why social media is so widespread. It’s a casual and fast way of browsing, easily slotting into busy lifestyles and updating people every second of every day with relevant news or media. It’s a double-edged sword, however, and the sheer amount of content introduced every minute can leave many businesses in the dust. According to a recent Social Media Marketing Industry Report, around two-thirds of marketers cited Facebook as the most important platform. An ad agency Fort Worth location can help with marketing through social media, instead of leaving you to sink or swim.

Content Creation Is A Top Strategy For Any Business

How do you stand out from the pack? You need to give customers more than just a good product or service. While this can seem discouraging, it’s actually a useful way of redirecting your energy. Nearly all of B2B marketers using the social media platform LinkedIn as part of their content strategy, with most businesses also maintaining an active blog, to boot. Creating content can take the form of how-to guides or short video clips…all to get repeat customers coming back and new customers curious.

A Digital Marketing Service Will Help You Avoid Common Pitfalls

You want to build organic traffic online, but aren’t sure how to generate that essential first contact. You want to keep already existing customers, but worry your content isn’t fresh or enticing enough. Your digital marketing company will have the answers you need to finally start moving forward. They’ll provide you the very best in digital and social expertise — backlinking, app design, SEO, content creation, and social media management are but a few of the skills they provide. Just like a customer, all you have to do is make that first step.

Stop wallowing in obscurity. Talk to an app design company this year and propel your business into the future.

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