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Do you own a company or work for a company that doesn?t have IT services and IT support on site? That?s actually quite normal for a lot of companies. Not all business can afford or choose to pay for an on site computer repair and computer maintenance team. For companies that don?t have their own computer services, it?s important to keep a computer services list handy for times when you need some extra help with a broken computer or business computer support.

Interested in learning more about how it can be beneficial to use a computer services list for help rather than having your own IT team on site? Keep reading for more information about other computer support companies can save you money, time, and effort.

Cut Back on Costs by Using External Computer Support

Having your own on site IT team can increase annual costs for a company drastically. More often than not, your company would likely need to hire multiple people to fill out the IT team. One person probably wouldn?t be able to handle all the workload on their own. Depending on the size of your company, you can better assess how many people you would need to get all the work done.

In addition, if something major were to happen that affected multiple computers, the entire server, or data and files that are important to the company, one IT person may not be able to fix the problem on their own. In cases such as these, you would have to use a computer services list to seek external help even though you already have your own IT team that you?re paying for, as well.

Reasons Your Company May Need Computer Services

You may be wondering what type of things could go wrong that would require an IT team. Our computers are very useful and can last for a long time if taken care of properly. However, this doesn?t mean they?re invincible or indestructible. Things do go wrong that affect our computers and our servers all the time. In times like those, it?s important to know who to contact to fix the issue quickly, efficiently, and for a good price.

One thing that can go wrong is your computer becoming infected with spam. This can happen in a variety of ways. Perhaps you downloaded something that was spam. On the other hand, you may have received an email with spam in it that then ended up on your computer. This isn?t that rare of a thing to occur. In fact, 97% of emails sent daily are spam. That?s 97% of nearly 60 billion emails every single day. It?s easy to understand than why so many computers are infected with spam. Statistics show that around 9 for every 1,000 computers is likely infected with some type of spam.

Another issue users can have with their computers has to do with passwords. Sometimes, computers can be breached when passwords are found out. This can be dangerous depending on what type of business you are in. If you have secure information and data stored on your computer, you don?t want it getting out during a computer breach. When breaches occur, 80% of the time it?s due to a password that was too weak and easily found out. In 2012, breaches occurred in nearly 87% of small businesses that exist in the United States, according to a survey.

By using a computer services list to work with an external IT company, you can ensure that all your employees know how to create passwords that are too difficult to be breached. This can save you valuable time and resources later on if data were to be stolen off one or more computers at your company. A computer support company can also assist with clearing any and all computers of any viruses or spam they have for whatever reason.

Has your company ever needed to use IT support to fix issues with computers or the server? What were the issues that occurred with the computers? Let us know about your experiences using external computer support companies.

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