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Businesses use all kind of software throughout the course of an average day. The innovation of computer technology often makes a business run much more smoothly than in older days. The use of computers often brings new kinds of threats to the security of a company. Malware means malicious software that is used to get into and potentially compromise important data. Cyber attacks on a personal computer are bad enough. However, these attacks on a company could mean a business going under. In this post, you will learn more about the main types of malicious software to watch out for.

  • Virus: It might seem that all forms of malware are a virus. However, a virus will have distinctions that separate it from other forms of malware. A virus gets its name because this malware often spreads to other computers in a network. Large viruses are typically spread through emails. Once a user opens an infected email, it could spread through their contacts and into an entire network. Managed IT services work to help a company find and remove pesky computer viruses from spreading out of control.
  • Trojan Horse: If you remember ancient history, you?ll know the Trojan horse was used to trick an entire nation. The computer version of a Trojan horse sneaks its way onto your computer, usually through an installed program. These types of malware can fool even the most computer savvy person into accidentally installing it. Once a Trojan horse has entered a computer network, it often finds and steals important information. Managed IT services are great people to call if a Trojan horse attack has happened to your company. Important information stolen by a Trojan horse could be customer information, finances, and business reports. A recent Gallup poll found that 27 percent of people in the United States have had their financial information stolen in the past year. In addition, 11 percent of those surveyed reported their mobile phone has been hacked in the past.
  • Rootkit: This form of malware isn?t as commonly well known as the other entries. However, a rootkit is sometimes the most devastating piece of malware of them all. A rootkit is often designed to be undetectable to the untrained eye. Once a rootkit has entered a computer network, it often goes for anything it can find. A rootkit often has the power to change system setups, steal information, and install additional viruses onto a system. Recent research shows that there are about 400 new cyber security threats occurring every minute. An IT consulting service helps to ensure a business is aware of new threats looming around the corner.
  • In summary, there are several malware types that managed IT services can help fight against. A virus is a form of malware known for spreading to other computers. Research shows that 140,000 hard drives stop functioning each week in the United States. In some cases, a virus is a sole reason an otherwise functional hard drive will stop working. A Trojan horse is an especially harmful virus that often hides within a program. Lastly, a rootkit, sometimes comprised of multiple programs, can do the most damage to a business. A rootkit can steal data, alter computer systems, and much more. Managed IT services are who to call if you want to help keep your cyber security efforts in great standing.

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