Test laser diffraction

In this day in age, we are lucky with the fact that doctors and medical professionals are able to see inside our bodies in order to diagnose and prescribe treatment. However, there is sometimes a need to see body parts at a smaller level, which includes electron microscopy images. Here we explain the basics of particle size analysis, laser diffraction testing, and why there is a need for such small images.

What exactly is EMT?

Electron microscopy images is a way of creating high-resolution, good quality photos of both biological and non-human specimens. This small imaging system is used as a way to research and analyze the small structure of different cells and tissues. But there is a need to use electrons because they have short wavelengths, and are able to create illuminating radiation. In other words, the electrons make it possible for light to come through and make the pictures clear.

Are there different kinds of EMT?

Yes, and this includes the transmission electron microscope and the scanning EM. They have different uses for as the TEM is used for looking at thinner pieces such as tissues, while the SEM looks at the electrons created off a secondary surface of the specism. The transmission technique utilizes electrostatic and electromagnetic lenses that control the electrical beam, put it in focus, and then form an image. Additionally, TEM is useful for particle counting and figuring out the size of the particles needed for the correct imaging. This particle size analysis principle is important as different pictures require a different range, meaning there is a need for different sizes to really analyze the atomic composition.

How is laser diffraction used?

As a general rule, laser diffraction is the process of passing a laser through any object and analyzing the patterns of the beam in order to quickly measure the size of a particle. This is especially helpful as it is almost impossible to measure atoms and electrons, and the laser will create an easier method of size analysis for engineers using EMT technology.

As one can see, in the world of atoms, EMT can be quite a powerful and helpful tool.

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