Computer maintenance

The world of IT has changed and so have the kinds of computer support needed by small to medium sized businesses. A list of IT services would include cloud solutions, computer networking, telephone systems, wiring, and general maintenance and support. For businesses in industries like construction, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, property management, as well as for condominiums, and private schools, IT services can help them to leverage increased revenues and deceased expenses.
The world of IT is changing fast and most small to medium businesses cannot afford to hire an entire new IT department. IT services for small businesses offer complete services from qualified IT professionals, along with the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your data and your customers’ data are secure.

IT managed services offer complete support
From recommendations for hardware and software and setup to computer maintenance and repair to cloud management and security, businesses can hand over the responsibility to professionals who keep up with the latest knowledge and trends in IT. Another very important area of covered by the list of IT services is data security and safety.
Data breaches can cause both legal and financial problems, leading to loss of revenues and credibility. IT managed services providers give the highest priority to data security and have the specialized knowledge necessary to prevent breaches.

Data security and breaches
For small to medium businesses, any data breaches can be costly in many ways. The financial costs of data loss due to a malicious or criminal attack are estimated to be $246 for each compromised record on average. System glitches and employee cost on average $171 and $160 respectively. Data breaches also lead to a loss of consumer confidence, which in the long run may be even more costly than the immediate financial losses.
Data security is especially important when using cloud storage. Some of it is a simple matter of educating users on ways to keep their accounts secure. Reusing passwords is in fact one of the single most important factors behind data breaches, since it makes it easy for hackers to access online accounts. Studies have found that only 8% of online users don’t reuse their passwords, which means that a whopping 92% do reuse their passwords, thereby making their accounts much more vulnerable.

Cloudy with no chance of glitches
Cloud computing offers so many possibilities that were unthinkable even a few years ago. With seamless integration of information across platforms and applications, they make operations easier and more transparent. Data can be accessed from any location and on any device through cloud information storage and retrieval, giving employees mobility.
Updating of information in real time makes information sharing instantaneous, improving productivity and accuracy of operations as well as record-keeping. It eliminates the possibility of expensive mistakes and glitches, and improves efficiency overall.

In the brave new world of cloud computing, where security and efficiency are of the highest importance, specialist IT professionals are needed to keep up with the rapid pace of change. IT professionals who offer a complete list of IT services can help your business benefit from the new technology while keeping your information safe.

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