Laser scanning services

Industrial computed tomography scanning, or industrial CT scanning is the use of things like X-ray inspection services on industrial equipment to produce three-dimensional representations of the scanned object both externally and internally. The industrial CT scanning process allows users to reduce their new product inspection costs and failure analysis costs between 25 and 75% when compared to existing technology.

In a recent article for the research and development news site they laid out the three most important reasons industrial CT scanning should be used to qualify cap closures. With help from information there here are the three reasons to consider it.

  1. Assembly Fit: Most people who design and build cap closures want to know how the cap and bottle will look and fit beforehand. Industrial CT Scanning allows for a much less invasive and more efficient means of attaining this request than previous methods of cutting through them. With these services you can scan them and analyze the entire product during and after it’s completed without destroying it.
  2. Defective Sealing: Leaks are one of the most common and annoying defects a cap closure can have as they are usually not able to be seen with the naked eye. CT scanning can find these leaks almost instantly using micron resolution and geometry processing software, which allows the designer to fix them before the process goes any further.

    Resolution size corresponds to a pixel size of 0.16 mm and the pixel size is directly related to spatial resolution. A micro-CT scan yields resolutions in microns because the focal spot of a micro focus tube is only a few microns in size.
  3. Mechanical Functionality: No matter what the mechanical issue is CT scanning can identify, analyze, and help you determine the best possible method for correction as it allows you to see everything going on on the inside and out. This can all be done in a matter of a couple hours at most, as opposed to days or weeks in the past.

Industrial CT scanning is an extremely valuable tool and can be used in many different settings, but when working with cap closures it can be especially useful for these reasons.

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