Oil filtration system

The average American uses hundreds of products each and every day without an afterthought for those items. From the batteries in a remote control to the screw that holds your computer together, these items are the unsung heroes of the industrial world. Filters too are everywhere but often go unconsidered by the general public. In fact, the United States filter demand is estimated to rise 3.6% annually to $14.8 billion by 2018 — the industry is already worth $12.4 billion today. Here are some of the ways that filters continue to enrich our lives and keep us protected.

Water Filters

Thanks to industrial filtration
services for sewage treatment, millions of Americans can enjoy clean, contaminate-free water in the luxury of their own homes. Many sewage treatment plants have employed the use of membrane water treatment, which is faster and more effective at removing contaminates from drinking water. The industrial filters used by the membrane water treatment process has been gaining popularity as numbers are expected to grow from 2009’s $1.5 billion to $2.8 billion in 2020.

Air Filters

Clean air is often a luxury far too often overlooked. Many homeowners and businesses alike have invested in clean air solutions that employ filters to remove airborne particles. The minimum efficiency reporting value is between seven and 13 for filters, these are near the minimum efficiency for HEPA (high energy particulate air) filters. Studies have found that those particles smaller than 10 micrometers in diameter (called PM10), can pass through the throat and nose, potentially entering the lungs and causing damage. Getting the right kind of filter can keep your family or business breathing easier.

Non Woven Filter Fabrics

When people traditionally think of filters, they think of air and water filters but neglect to consider those filters that help us every day. Non woven filter fabrics are used in hundreds of applications from medical and geotextile use, to dust collector bags and landscape fabrics. The design of the material makes it stronger than other woven counterparts, while staying protected from decomposition. For all of your home or industrial applications, there is bound to be a filter designed for the job.

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