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What exactly is the point of a POS system, and why are retail pharmacy POS systems so important for small pharmacy owners?

Most people are aware that POS systems allow businesses to make transactions, but there are plenty of other features that these systems provide to small business owners — many of which are incredibly beneficial for small pharmacies in particular.

For starters…

  • A point of sale system provides the business with a detailed sales report that includes information about which products were sold, when they were sold, and how much of the product is left in stock. This, in turn, allows the business to monitor product inventory quickly and efficiently so that customers never encounter empty shelves when they’re looking for something.

  • POS software also allows businesses to create and maintain a unique customer loyalty program; this might include individual coupons or it might include a customer rewards card that collects points with each purchase. Customer loyalty programs are actually very important for small pharmacies because there’s a lot of competition coming from the chain stores — and you’d be surprised by how many customers will choose your store over another simply because your rewards program is better.

  • Last but not least, POS systems are important because of the convenience and security they provide. A small pharmacy might not be able to afford a building with a drive-through window for prescription pickups, but with a mobile POS system, your store will be able to provide curbside pickup options for customers who have limited mobility. Processing each transaction securely and recording electronic signatures for prescription pickups is something that benefits the customer, but also the pharmacy!

When it comes down to it, there’s probably no piece of equipment more important in a pharmacy than its POS system!

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