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Cloud computing technologies have expanded into virtually every aspect of our lives. The apps we use on our smartphones are technically software stored in the cloud, which is any remote server space used to store data.

But did you know that your small business could also be using the cloud to its advantage? Specifically, a cloud phone system is both easy enough to install and advantageous enough for your business that it only makes sense to invest in a cloud telephony installation.

Here are the three best reasons why your small business needs to be taking advantage of advanced computer services like a cloud phone system:

Cloud phone systems can grow or shrink with your business

Unlike a traditional business phone system, having a phone system based in cloud technology allows you to open up new phone lines — and close out ones you no longer need — with the click of a mouse. And best of all, there are no limits on the number of phone lines you can open up! This greatly reduces any growing pains your business might have had and allows you to be more flexible.

Cloud phone systems are mobile

One of the major downfalls of a traditional phone system is that it requires your workers to be at their desks, in the same office, in order to take calls. With a cloud phone system and mobile voicemail setup, your workers can take work calls from their smartphones, letting them do their work on the go. This makes telecommuting easier and simpler, and keep customers and clients happy by making workers always accessible.

Cloud phone systems and unified communications are more reliable

Sick of dropped calls and hardware breaking all the time? Since they’re integrated with your business’ IT compliance and computer systems, these are no longer a concern. As long as you have a working Internet connection, you will have a functioning cloud phone system.

Have any questions for us about a cloud phone system or unified communications? Feel free to ask us anything in the comments below! Find more on this here.

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